• Image of Grow Up And See: (Compact Disc)

Formed in Memphis, TN by 3/4 of the lineup of dark metallic hardcore act Chaos Order, you'd never quite expect Cruelty of the Heavens to deliver a sound rooted in '80s and '90s alternative rock, shoegaze, and so on. You'd also never quite expect their quickly executed debut full-length, Grow Up and See, to be an easy contender for album of the year, but holy shit is it ever!

Seriously, this should be one of those "big deal" types of records.

1. Entoptic Phenomenon.
2. 1995.
3. Minds Eye.
5. Vessel.
6. The Magician.
7. Teenage Depression.
8. Overwhelmed.
9. The Haunted.
10. Growing Up.

Where still-successful bands such as Title Fight and Superheaven have gone wrong by over-relying on bland production techniques and overly slow, lackluster songwriting; Cruelty of the Heavens succeeds in profusion through an immensely catchy sense of energy, and an unbelievably gorgeous in-house/practice room recording. This album is packed with winners, "Entoptic Phenomenon" "1995" "Overwhelmed" and "Growing Up" If those don't convince you, I don't know what will!

I don't get terribly excited about new music all that often these days, but I've been completely flipping out over Grow Up and See since the very first seconds of my very first listen.

Out on Encapsulated Records.

-Andrew Aversionline.